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Our Testimony


We believe marriage and family are the foundation of our society.  We also believe they can only be strong by building them on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  


So, shouldn't that mean everything is smooth sailing with no problems on the horizon? No!!  Even while we were in full time Christian ministry, we walked into our 16th anniversary with our marriage crumbling and literally falling apart at the seams.  From the beginning, we tried to look perfect and had many people fooled.  Now, we had to admit our love had slowly grown cold until there was no love left for each other and we felt hopeless.  Divorce was not in our vocabulary but we thought the word 'miserable' was!  We saw no way out and no way for our marriage to change!


In that time of desperation, we cried out to Jesus and He rescued us.  He began to slowly rebuild our lives and our relationship even stronger than we ever imagined. Today, we can say we love each other more than we did before our 'perfect' marriage crumbled.  We have experienced the miraculous healing power of forgiveness and reconciliation with each other and with God.


We offer to bring our marriage testimony to churches in the local area by presenting a 1-3 hr event.  Our testimony is Christ centered and the power of God's Word is revealed in our story.  


Please feel free to contact us and tell us your needs so we can discuss this program or other topics that may be of benefit to people in your church, military chapel or fellowship.



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