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Mike & Connie Gilbride

About Us


Mike and Connie were raised in the Midwest.  Mike joined the Army with overseas tours in Germany and Viet Nam.  He then served in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and a statistical analyst.  Connie trained as a registered nurse, working in varied fields during her 12 year career.  During their 49 years of marriage, they have lived in 6 states and 2 foreign countries.  They served in leadership and teaching positions in both civilian churches and military chapels.


In 1985, Mike and Connie answered God's call to full time Christian service and retired from military life. They underwent intensive mission training with Son Shine Ministries International.  They spent 2 years as missionaries in Germany, with primary emphasis being ministry to the American military family.  Together they presented programs at numerous military  bases  and  posts in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria.  Following their overseas assignment, they served 4 years in training missionaries and assisting in administrative operations in a stateside location.  During this time, they were also active members of retreat and teaching teams traveling throughout America and abroad.


In October 1992, under the Lord's direction, Mike and Connie moved to South Dakota where they formed Great Plains Ministry.  The ministry is designed as a resource, to meet the needs of churches, chapels, and Christian groups.  In addition to men's and women's groups, they have ministered together through life-changing couple's retreats and family seminars.  The primary focus of their ministry is to point to Jesus as the hope and encouragement needed in the world today.


They have been blessed with one son, Matthew, who lives near Portland.  After many years in Las Vegas, he and Kelly are enjoying the lush green outdoors of Oregon.

Mike and Connie are the first to admit their marriage isn't perfect.  They are also the first to share the victories they have seen in their lives and in their marriage through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  Their desire is for others to see that same hope in their lives!

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