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Mike & Connie Gilbride


Real Stories by Real People

                            You can partner                                     with us in   writing  this  book  by donating funds to help secure a publisher.  We know God wants these stories in the hands and hearts of people who need to know there is hope for their marriage!

Deeply planted...

Since conducting the interviews over the past two years, each story in this book has been planted deeply into our hearts.  The manscript had to be condensed, rewritten and revised numerous times, so our readers would be able to stay engaged long enough to hear the hope and blessing found in each marriage.  With everything in us, we have also tried to be faithful to the intent and heart of each story.  

What Next?  After struggling with some e-book conversion issues with our printing company, we have experienced numerous delays in release of the book.  We felt it would be better to work with our publishing company and pay to format the e-book and print book in order to speed up the process.  It also ensures that the book will be released in all major markets, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. Estimates for completion are any where from 5-12 weeks.  At that time, the print and e-book will be available for purchase. 


We have been blessed...

It has been a long road, and we are excited to see this project being prepared for distribution.  God has blessed us by allowing us to hear each of these stories.  We can't wait for you to be encouraged and inspired through these real stories by real people!

We know you will be blessed to meet the Glenn & Margie, Phil & Vickie, Josh & Crystal and Rod & Deb.  Their stories will make you smile....possibly cause you to wipe away a tear and encourage you in your own life journey.

GREAT PLAINS MINISTRY is here to help bring hope and encouragement to individuals and families across America and around the world. Take a few minutes to tour our website to see what we have to offer your church or family. 

Mike & Connie Gilbride



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